History of Maya’s Bajan Villas

Blessed by Barbados

Since the early 1970’s the Brabenec family began vacationing along the serene tropical shores of Barbados. What seemed like instant paradise also became a definite culture shock for these eastern European immigrants – A beautiful fateful cultural collision.

Stays over the years ranged from hotels to inns but it was the experience of staying with friends and using local accommodations where the true memories were created. The memories are still freshly embedded in our minds to this day: air as cool and clean as anyone could imagine; crisp, clear, teal, Caribbean water that stretches out as far as the eye can see; coconut water – nature’s Gatorade; picturesque coastlines and stunning architecture; fascinating history and culturend most importantly, friendly, soulful people and warm irie vibes. The experience was life changing and mezmerizing.

Chasing a Dream is Never Easy

Over the years, some memories just come and go without thought. Others simply last a lifetime. It’s these memories that make the experience. That make you want more of what’s good in life. This mutual feeling amongst the family spurred on the idea of experiencing that Barbados richness on a more constant level. A bit of pipe dream but if you dare to dream, dream big. Anything in life is achievable if you set your mind to it. But it wasn’t going to take one mind, it was a combined family effort.

Two worlds collide, the birth of an idea.

Barbados and the area surrounding the future of Maya’s Bajan Villas had been a passion for theowners for almost three decades. Many years of hard work and saving every penny in their home country of Canada, it was time to blend. How would it be possible? So simple. Bring the north to the south and let the south come north. A seed was planted. An idea was born.

The Building of a Dream

Around the year 2000, on yet another vacation down to the island, the family stumbled upon a modest piece of land not far from their favourite stomping grounds. Throwing caution to the tradewinds, they purchased the parcel and spent the next 5 years inching towards completely owning it. A development project had been simmering in preparation the entire time.

With one family member in the architecture business and the rest in the airline industry, it was only logical to take the risky plunge into constructing their dream villa. Little did anyone know what to expect. Spending a good part of 2007 designing a more than modest villa, it was finally ready to be constructed. December 3rd, 2007 marked the ground breaking and construction commencement. All aboard the rollercoaster ride. Inclement weather, contractor squabbles, global economic ups and downs, numerous costly trips, money woes, strained relationships, litigation, and many, many, many sleepless nights occurred for the next three years. Far too many stories to share but at the end of it all, the proof was in the rumcake. A few bumps and bruises all mixed with a tropical concoction of blood, sweat, tears (and a little beer n’ rum!) But, we reached the sunlight at the end of the tunnel. All still here, family intact and standing tall and proud. The dream is now reality. The sun is shining. Our home away from home was complete. Maya’s Bajan Villas opened it’s doors on January 30th, 2011. Let us share our dream with you. Come and experience the beauty.



Let us share our dream with you!